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Thank you for visiting our Healing Hearts -- Peru website. Our prayer is that together we can help to change this needy part of the world with Jesus' Love. Please click on the link in the side bar to read our mission statement and see how you might be able to collaborate with us. We invite you contact us for more information, and return to this site regularly for news, photos, blog entries, and testimonies of all that has been happening here in the exciting field of Lima, Peru!

Jeff & Anna

Geoffrey & Anna Wormus

Co-directors of Healing Hearts -- Peru

 We want to thank all of our family, friends, and supporters for their encouragement and prayers for our work here in Peru during the month of December and indeed throughout the entire Christmas season! All of our projects were a resounding success, and we invite you to take a moment to check out the newly uploaded photos and read the latest blog entries to bring you up to date on all that the Lord has been doing with us and through us here in this needy land.

Once again, we want to remind you that we could not be accomplishing all that we are here without your help, both in the spiritual in the form of your prayers and petitioning the Lord on our behalf, and in the physical, in your gifts and support. Truly you will receive an equal part in all the rewards that are being stored up in the Heavenly realm as a result of this ministry. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Latest Articles

Busy December Brings the Love of Jesus and the Joy of Christmas to Many

admin | 04/02/2010 09:53 | Category: What we've been up to lately | Views: 775

As is usually the case, our month of December was so busy that taking time to update our blog was a luxury. We apologize for that and hope that this brief rundown will bring you up to date.

As we mentioned in our newsletter, this year's goal was to distribute a minimum of 1,000 gift packages to needy children in our areas of influence. We are happy to report that by the grace of God this was accomplished. Many thanks to all of you who helped with your prayers, moral support, and donations.

Our first program at the end of November was in the poor district of Villa Maria del Triumfo, where we ministered to 40 children who had been specifically selected as being at risk by the Peruvian agency CAPNA. The first of our Christmas gift packages were distributed to the children at the end of the day. This program was part of an on-going outreach that we have with this agency. During this time we also continued to procure hygienic items, school supplies, and educational material that would make up the gift packages.

After that we visited a small village outside of Lima called Pachacamac. Nearly the entire village came to attend the activities which included meaningful skits and  a Christmas gospel message, as well as the gift distribution. In the town of Cieneguilla we were happy to minister to over 100 street boys and boys who had been on drugs at the center of CIMA. This was a very special time for us, as the boys treated us warmly and entertained us with their very talented music group. 

Other Christmas activities included visits to Ciudad de los Niños and Hogar de Niños Santa Maria, and a rare opportunity to meet 20 children from a remote village in the Andes who had come to Lima as part of a local Peruvian NGO initiative. These children were seeing their capital city for the very first time, and not only saw but were able to swim in the Pacific Ocean. Our presence and gifts added to this amazing experience for these needy children.

Time would fail us to report on all the other activities that we were involved in during December, but know that without your prayers and support, none of it would have been possible!


Donated items delivered to Pamplona Alta

admin | 08/11/2009 20:03 | Category: What we've been up to lately | Views: 921


Anna & Lisa (behind), with some of the local residents

As part of our ongoing work with the poor folks in the Villa San Juan district of Pamplona Alta shanty town area of Lima, we delivered a Kenmore stove along with a microwave oven to be used in the community center building that was built by our volunteers in March/April of this year. In addition to these major appliances, distribution of clothing and bread was also made to the local residents. We were happy to have the opportunity to introduce a local Peruvian volunteer youth group (that had contacted us via this website) to this needy area, and they have expressed their desire to work along with us in bettering the lives of this poverty-stricken community.

We are looking forward to working together with this group, and are planning some special Christmas events with them. Thank you for your prayers for this and all our ongoing projects in these needy areas.

Join us on Facebook

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A few weeks ago we joined Facebook under the name "Jeff N Anna". Originally hesitant to join any social networking site, we finally gave in when one of our dear friends and sponsors said she loved Facebook and wanted to be able to communicate with us through that medium. Since joining, we have found that it is indeed a wonderful way to link up with friends new and old. If [More...]

Delivery of donated benches and chairs to Community Center, Villa San Juan, Pamplona Alta

admin | 18/07/2009 13:38 | Category: Announcements | Views: 971

On 11 July, 2009, Healing Hearts Peru continued its ongoing project with the Community Center (Asentamiento Humano) in Villa San Juan district of Pamplona Alta shanty-town. Benches and chairs for children were delivered, thanks to a generous donation by Elaine Flore, who was in Lima in March/April and participated in the construction of the center. A table for the center is currently under construction, and will be delivered soon.

You can view a clip from YouTube below, or click on the following link:



Video Clips of the building project now posted on YouTube

admin | 07/06/2009 21:08 | Category: Announcements | Views: 1047

Video clips from our recent building project as well as the dedication ceremony and accompanying activities are now posted on YouTube. You can view the clips below, or click on the following YouTube links:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lchy7guvT6A (Construction)



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOiUwkZJ-GA (Inauguration Day Ceremonies)



We invite you to search our healinghearts08 username for more videos from Healing Hearts Peru